Cake Box: A Pop-Up Bakery

Over the last several months of asking people what kinds of businesses they feel are missing on Jackson Street, “a bakery” is one of the most common answers. Now we have Franz’s and they’re even open at 7:00 AM for donuts and coffee in their thrift store, but what people are looking for is something a bit more neighborly in vibe. We’ve heard over and over, “Why isn’t there something like Columbia City Bakery here?”

Old Bakery on Jackson and 26th

There used to be a bakery years ago on Jackson and 26th Ave S. My neighbor says it was a Jewish bakery, but was two young to remember much about it. Here’s a picture of it, though you can’t make much out of it. A small sign. It’s a parking lot now.

On Saturday, we hit the streets with our own bakery so that for three hours to meet the neighbors, have some cake and imagine what it might be like to have our a bakery right in the center of the neighborhood.

Cake Box!

It was really fun to meet so many of you that are following us on Twitter or Facebook (which is where you’ll be most likely to learn about our pop-up events and impromptu fun times.)

We also want to thank everyone who brought a coat, sweater or blanket for the Colman Neighborhood’s Coat Drive for Seattle Neighborhood Group and People of Color AIDS Action Network (POCAAN)’s “Get Off the Street Program“. You people are awesome!

Here’s a few pictures. As we’re new to organizing little events, we learned a few lessons. One: don’t change the date due to rain. We were going to do this a few weekends ago, but cancelled based on the forecast. That weekend turned out beautiful while Saturday was vile. Two: check anything you buy from Goodwill ASAP as our rain shelter we were so excited to pick up for 35 bucks was nothing but a pile of twisted broken metal meaning we had to rush back to the house and grab another umbrella to stay mostly dry. Fie on the bastards who donated a totally broken thing to Goodwill, so lame!

We’ll be looking forward to doing another one of these sometime in the Spring. If you have any ideas for other events that would be fun and get more people out walking on Jackson be sure to drop us a line!

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