Central District Street Fair!

This Saturday, August 10. It takes place on 24th between Yesler and Alder. It looks like it will be the biggest street fair yet!

We only wish for the day that the city let’s us close down Jackson between 23rd and MLK for a party that everyone can see! This one is a bit tucked away and too easy to miss, but then it’s nearly impossible to close our major streets due to the bus routes.

Hurrah for all the hard work of Work it Out Seattle to make this happen.


  1. Too hard to close down Jackson between MLK and 23rd? Not so, they shut down the Ave. (University Way) for four blocks for the University District Street Fair every year since 1971. Lot of busses, traffic and businesses there. We can do it! the question is why not?

    • Um, YEAH!!! I did not even think of the busy AVE closing every year! We have got to have this block party on a busy block where people are ALREADY!

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